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Get to know Hydroponics

Understanding Hydroponics

(1) What is Hydroponics?

Plants that grow in soil grow roots down into the earth to find water. They suck the water up through their roots and it evaporates  through the plant’ leaves. The water that the plant draws up from the ground contains minerals etc that have been dissolved in to as it travelled through the soil. The plant gets the energy for growth from the nourishment of the minerals in the water. Plants growth slows down when water is scarce and  cannot grow to it’ fullest capacity without regular rain. When the rain comes the plants grow quickly and store as much moisture as they can to keep them going until the next rainy period. In hydroponics plants are grown in plastic baskets that are placed in water. The water is slowly cycled round the growing troughs and has all the necessary nutrients added. Because the water and nutrient is always present the plants will grow consistently and more efficiently than they do even in nature.  Plants also require sunlight to grow so that they can produce energy through the Chlorophyl in their leaves. Modern LED lighting can offer the  energy of the sun but without so much heat. This means that green houses being used for hydroponics do not have to be heated and a small heater in the water is sufficient. Plants grown using hydroponics grow faster and stronger than they do in soil. They do not need to wait for rain to provide the water and nutrients they need. They have a permanent supply of water and nutrients that are added easily to the water.

There are a number of options available with hydroponics. You use systems in your garden, greenhouse, conservatory or indoors.  

(2) Why choose Hydroponics

Stronger plants as using our systems they grow stronger and faster than if you grow them in the garden or by any conventional method.

Feel healthier because the plants will have been grown with the optimum amount of everything the plant needs. They will have more vitamins and minerals.

More Spare Time You will have more spare time using our systems as thereis now back breaking weeding or digging to do.

Better yield of produce. Because the system is so much more efficient you will produce more fruit or vegetable.

Save Money because you will produce more using up less time to do it allowing you to save money.

(3) Picking the best system for you

Any decent system must supply the necessary Light, water, oxygen and nourishment.   You may consider a multi level staged set-up for your greenhouse or a system to incorporate into your garden. We have systems that will be a great talking point in your home. If there is not enough light plants will grow weakly so you may need led lighting from our full range.

If you decide to enhance your garden with a hydrophonics system you can choose from a variety of mediums that will be used to transfer the water. There are options of fibre and  more solid materials to choose from.

Growing plants from seed? You can start them off on some of our seedling sponges then transfer them into a firmer medium when the seedlings are strong enough. Plants in our water run systems can be grown in our range of re-useable plastic baskets. There are a variety of methods for getting your water delivered and returned in your system. I you want to use an individual pot system you can use sensors to switch the water/nutrient supply on and off when the medium gets too dry or too wet. Plants can be grown in baskets or through polystyrene sheets floating on the water.  

You can purchase one of our proprietary feed supplements or if you get more adventurous you can buy ingredients to make up your own combination of minerals, macro minerals and nutrients to suit the type of plants you want to grow. Whether you decide on Tomatoes, lettuce cucumbers or other vegetables we have ready mixed feed medium for you.

Last but not least you will need to decide on the intensity of lighting you will need. You can use timers to emulate the sun or you can switch them on and off manually. You can leave lights on all the time with some plants but most plants use the rest they get at night as part of their growing cycle.

Enjoy your system

Whatever system you use and whether you are growing food as a hobby or to make your diet more healthy you should get a lot of pleasure from your hydroponic system.

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